Just a Kiss

He wore fur and so did I. He looked quite smashing actually. It was an $800 coat that he ordered online. He wore a Stetson hat and automatically he felt comfortable and familiar to me. My dad wore one and my mom kept it in a box after his death in a farm accident. She cried over that hat many a nights. He looked like a gentle giant like my dad. ❤️

We talked for a month off and on. I like to meet right away because I find that texting non stop is pretty pointless if you don’t have spark when you meet. It’s a big time waster in my book. Especially if the person doesn’t look like they say. We originally was supposed to meet in January but he pushed it off because something happened to a friend of his. He said that his schedule is very booked and he couldn’t meet until February 17. My patients was wearing thin already. ?

The day finally come and we were supposed to meet at a special whiskey place in Portland but he changed his mind last minute and wanted to meet in Troutdale at Mcmenimums. I was fine with that because I love Mcmenimums. It was only two hours away from the meeting time and he started in on his conversation about kissing me. ?

He was relentless for about an hour nonstop texting about how he was probably going to steal a kiss from me and I basically argued with him the whole time about how it was just friends meeting one another and that I don’t typically kiss anybody on a first date. When I have it’s because I felt a spark and they were agreeable to it.

We had a really nice meal and great conversation but I could tell already that he wasn’t what I was looking for in a partner. He wanted to go outside by the fire because he said that it was romantic so I obliged him still thinking in the back of my mind about that kiss that he was going to try to steal.

I was definitely attracted to his wholesomeness and his values. He was very sweet and a pure gentleman. He told me about a girl that he was dating in the past that hurt him pretty badly because she lead him on and used him in several ways. He had a great job and he had been working at the same place for over 25 years and it was helping people which I felt was awesome.

We set very close to each other by the fire and he wanted me to put my leg over his. I did. He offered me his coat and wanted to make sure that I was warm enough. I was starting to kind of change my mind about him as the night went on. Then I thought, No. This is like being with my first husband…it will never work. Being with a man that is a “nice guy” but zero real physical attraction is suicidal. Trust me! I know!

It was a sweet night and I made my way home….without a kiss….and I’m happy about that..??

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