Date #1: “T & A”

I made sure to set everything up perfectly before I went.

I wanted to make sure that I didn’t make a mistake and make sure to protect myself. My background is in law-enforcement and so I knew what I needed to do.

I made sure to check him out on Google through the many questions I already asked him. Full name, where he worked, papers he had written for the University he worked for and his phone number. I only meet in public. I gave myself a two hour limit and also pay for my own food and drinks. No commitment and nothing to feel like I owe anyone. No kissing or anything else. My choice, my rules. Only!

I was pretty excited. His pictures were current. He was nice looking and work for the University. He was a civil engineer and had owned his own business but then started teaching to have more free time instead of more money. That sounded promising. A man who was balanced in his life and could enjoy it maybe with ME.

I set down at the table and only had to wait for a few minutes until he walked in the door. He was way better looking then even his pictures. His dark hair perfectly combed into perfection. His light brown skin was to die for and he was dressed in perfectly tailored clothes. His watch was the finest and i swear it was almost twice as big as his wrist. His shoes! Yes, those beautiful brown shoes that were hombre in color.

The conversation was easy and a glass of wine and three hours later I decided that I should call it a night. I could’ve stayed there for hours longer but I had a rule and I already went past it. We talked about politics, religion and everything else that you shouldn’t talk about on a date and everything was totally agreeable.

He had been to many countries and was well-traveled. We talked about our past relationships a little bit and why he was single. He mentioned that he went back to Canada every two years to visit his parents and help take care of them. Right up my alley since I took care of my grandfather in my own home until he was 94 years old and passed. Also, took care of my mother until she passed as well. It really touched my heart..

I mentioned that I was going to be leaving soon and a few minutes later he reached across the table to look at my necklace and touched it. As he did he brushed his back hand across the top of my breasts. That was a red flag for me. I tried to put it out of my mind. He was SO NICE. Had a doctorate. Taught at the University. Took care of his parents. Clean-cut and good looking. What else could you ask for in a man?

Maybe, decency and morals?! But maybe that’s just me…

As I walked to the car he stopped and wanted to hug me. I did. Then he tried to kiss me and I said no.

I got in the car and was pretty happy about the date as a whole. I actually was talking to myself in the car….I couldn’t believe I might have found the FULL package! He seemed to be perfect in every way except for maybe slightly touchy-feely which I didn’t care for but I can set him straight on that I figured.

As I was checking my messages on my phone he sent me a message. I was like “wow!” Exciting!! ?? Here is what it said….

“I will think about your ass and boobs tonight

Before I could answer he asked if he “could as me a question”

This was the question…

“Do you shave, trim or keep it natural? “

As I sat with my mouth hanging open there was so many feeling running though my body.

But mainly I was thinking…what a DUMBASS!

This is what I wrote back…

“I think you have been single too long…sorry. Wrong questions for a lady. I’m sure you’re a really nice guy but certainly not for me. It’s too bad…we had a lot in common…..goodnight.

You’re 46. You should know better than to talk to a woman like that!”

He apologized but of course it did no good.

If you want to attract a woman to you….wait! I mean a lady….you certainly don’t talk about dreaming about her tits and ass for goodness sake.

On to the next. The quest to find a real gentlemen. Let’s see what date number two has to offer.

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