Date #2: Please date a Dentist

Sex in the Small City…the adventures of a middle-age single mom dating after 25 years of marriage.

Armed with all my dating rules I pushed forward to the second date.

He 6ft 4” Tall and handsome. ?
We talked for two days online and wow what a true gentleman! ☺️ A steel worker. I love men that are smart and know how to work hard. ??? Blue-collar, white-collar it doesn’t matter. As long as they have ambition to work. ??

He had already told me about himself and seem like just a wonderful man. He had been taking care of his daughter since she was six months old by himself because the mother was addicted to drugs. ? The daughter is now seven and the mother finally has visitation rights to her thank goodness because she has been off drugs for a few years. ?????? Because of rights here in Washington he had to go to court and it took him many many months and $15,000 to get his child in a safe place. I already had mad respect for him as a father. ??

We made a date at a very nice restaurant in the area for 5:30pm. I was pretty nervous so I ended up being a little late which I’m usually never late. He didn’t mind and I let him know ahead of time but the reason why is that I change clothes three times. I’m usually not that high maintenance but I’ve gained a little weight and I don’t like the way anything looks on me.

I finally decided on this cute little pink jumpsuit that I had just recently bought. I called my girlfriend that’s 25 years old and she said to send a picture so I did. She said I “looked like a snack”. ???? I wasn’t sure if that was going to be good or bad and my situation as a 47-year-old woman. But I went with it anyway. For God sake I couldn’t change again.

I jumped out of the car upon arrival and I noticed a tall guy getting out of his 1980s black ford ranger pick up. He had a huge bouquet of flowers that were in a vase with water. ? All I kept thinking to myself as I was walking toward him was first of all he didn’t look quite as handsome as the pictures that were showing online and second of all where the hell was I going to put all those flowers with a huge a vase of water. As I approached him he gave me a little hug that was so sweet and gave me the flowers.

Then the awkward conversation ensued about where we were going to put the flowers are what we were going to do with them. It wasn’t like I can take them into the restaurant and set them on the table because that might have been slightly weird. He thought so too and he agreed that he could keep them in his truck with the windows down.

As I walked in I seen one of my good friends who is on the wait staff and I was really happy to see him because it made me feel more comfortable. We ended up setting in his area so he was able to wait on us. As we looked over the menu we both agreed on the exact same meal. Like normal I mentioned to him that I would pay for my own. He said that he would rather pay for me and that he’s never had a girl pay for herself before on a date. I told him it was just one of my rules.

As we were waiting for food we got to talking more about our past. And at one point he smiled great big and I noticed he only had six front teeth on top and six front teeth on the bottom and no back teeth at all. ? His teeth were all yellow and hadn’t looked like he had brushed for several months. ? I couldn’t really get a good look and I didn’t want to but I did notice that on two of the teeth that he had were a big huge crater cavities. ??‍♀️ All I could think about at that point was that if he ate something hard or if I reached over and tapped his teeth they would probably break off. I’m guessing that’s what happened to the rest of them.

He talked about his love and passion for life and his daughter which was very sweet and also about four wheeling and riding motorbikes which I couldn’t see myself doing very often but it did sound kinda fun for about two seconds. I am a tomboy but all I could think about is falling off and getting hurt. Possibly breaking my arm and him breaking off the rest of his teeth. ??‍♀️
After I seen his teeth it was basically downhill from there because I couldn’t look him in the eye. I just couldn’t quit looking at his teeth. ??‍♀️

He had a old T-shirt on that look like he had worn it for a couple days, jeans on that were ripped and no it wasn’t just the style and New Balance shoes on but you could barely tell because the insignia and brand was almost completely worn off. His fingernails were broken and bitten clear down to the nub. I was waiting for his fingers to go in his mouth but at least I knew that he couldn’t bite off much with no back teeth.

I’m not a mean person in anyway but all I kept thinking about was that this date was going to end before 7 o’clock and I got all dressed up. It took me a long time and it was also the ONLY day without my children for the rest of the week. Single parent co-parenting problems you know. ?

I know this is horrible, don’t judge me ok but I excused myself to the restroom and got back to another man that asked me out for later that night. ??‍♀️ It was just a quick minute but confirmed to meet him later. I’m not going to be “looking like a snack” ? and waste all that just to go home early and lounge around in my pjs and watch Survivor…(although it didn’t sound have bad at this point.) ?

We walked to his vehicle to get the flowers and I gave him another hug and thanked him. All in all it was a nice day but he was just not the man for me. He had an awesome personality and what a great dad. I knew I had to throw him back in the pond because he was going to be a wonderful catch for a really nice girl that was more his style. 15 minutes after the date I wrote him and said this..

“________, thank you so much for the flowers. They are beautiful and sitting on my counter. I think you are wonderful but I don’t think we are a match. I’d love to be friends though…You are so sweet and I know you will make a woman very happy.”

Maybe he’ll find a nice sweet dentist to date. ?

Stay tuned for Date # 3
Entitled “Hat man”

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