Date #3: “Hat Man”

Sex in the Little City-The adventures of a middle-age woman with two children dating after 25 years of marriage.

Details matter. Once you go out on a few dates you start looking for certain details. For example, I didn’t notice that in all of your pictures you were wearing a hat sir. ? Therefore, I would have no idea what your hair is like or really what you even look like for that matter.

Scientist you say?! ? ??‍? Well, well! I’m intrigued now. What are you a scientist of I was wondering. Earth ?planets ☄️or wildlife ?. So many ideas running through my head as I sat there sitting in the booth waiting for him to show up. Looking out at the beautiful river ? I though to myself, well if this one doesn’t work out I’m just going to sit here for hours and soak up this view. Just because it’s good for my heart. ☺️

As I am daydreaming about my perfect scientist he pops around the corner and scares the shit out of me. With long hair halfway down his back that is mainly white I am realizing that he is taking the mad scientist approach to hair. He plops down and seems to be a little older compared all his pictures.

We order red wine and he hasn’t eaten yet so he orders food. A salad. That’s good I guess he’s watching his figure. We right away get into conversation about his job and what he does as a scientist. I ask him detailed questions about what he’s working on and what his actual degree is in. He tells me he’s a scientist that works on micro chips. What’s that mean? ??‍♀️ I have a lot of questions…??‍♀️ My mind starts to wonder as he’s talking. I imagine him coming home telling me about micro chips or me laying next to him in bed hearing about this subject with his long hair draped all over my pillow. Now, I have to say I don’t mind long hair but this was very thin whispy long hair. And the worst part is that he kept running his fingers through it while he was eating. ?

Then THE question. The question that I ALREADY answered in my profile. ??‍♀️ Do you have kids? My eyes squinted slightly in disbelief. “Why yes, yes I do. 2 actually”, I replied.
He said, “ I can’t see kids in my future.” And that was it! Within 5 minutes he said he was “tired and had to get going.” This reminded me that details are important. Obviously he never read my profile and I certainly didn’t ask for a pic without a hat on.

He excused himself and we gave each other a friendly hug and said our goodbyes. I was relieved to be sitting by myself watching the beautiful river again in silence. Happy to be a mom of the two coolest kids in the my world and in a restaurant where they had great wine. I ordered another and sat there and drank it as slow as possible watching the sun set on another day. ?Lisa

Next up….#4 “nice ass”

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