Date #4: “Nice A$$”

A day dater. Yippee! ☺️ He’s from Portland so he thought it would be cool to meet there and give me a little tour of the city. ? Ok! Sounds great! (Even though I used to live there and have been in the area for 17 years or so). ??‍♀️ I was looking forward to being shown places that I’ve never seen before. ?? Little did I know…??‍♀️

We met at noon and he wanted to go get something to eat and get a drink and I thought that sounded like a great idea. He was handsome…1/2 American and 1/2 Asian and super tall. ??? We we’re both dressed down to travel by foot in the downtown city area. This is one date I knew I would love already.

He took me to this wonderful Irish restaurant which had amazing character. They seated us in the back which I guess was the cool area.
He ordered Irish coffee that they lit on fire there at the table. ? The ambience was perfect. ? As we perused the menu I found so many things on there that looked really delicious. ? I finally was able to decide on a dish. (This is the time where I always announce that I will pay for my own). The waiter comes up to take our order and as I’m ordering, my date says, “I’m not very hungry. Can I just share with you?” I responded, “I guess. ?”. The waiter swiftly took the order and was on his way. I started to question my date as to how he thought he would be able to have enough food to eat since he was almost like 6’-5” and looked like he could gnaw a tree down if he had to.

The food came out and they handed him an extra plate. ? I suddenly remembered that I felt this feeling before like déjà vu. Oh yeah! It was just like when I share food with my children at every restaurant I go to. ??‍♀️ It’s too bad that they didn’t bring out the kids menu for him so that we could color or play tic-tac-toe. ? As I look down at my plate I saw the noodles and figured it was about 12 bites. You know those fancy restaurants always serve you small portions. ? it’s OK though I didn’t need to eat that much since I’ve been kind of watching my weight. I took his plates and scooped six bites on to his. He gobbled them up in three then ordered another Irish coffee. He paid for his two drinks and I paid for our meal. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately I don’t remember any of the conversation during the meal.

It was a gorgeous beautiful day in Portland as we walked the streets. It’s always so alive and beautiful with people hustling and bustling and doing their own thing. It didn’t seem like we were really set out on a path but that was OK with me. I’m always a planner and it was nice just to feel free. Just at that moment he recommended that we go into a small bar and have a drink. At this time I think it was about one or 1:30 in the afternoon.

The bar was dark and he wanted to sit clear in the back. He ordered a shot and a beer. ? I ordered a Mimosa. Then he ordered 15 minutes later another shot and a beer. ? Then about 15 minutes after that he ordered another shot and a beer. ?
By this time I could tell that he was getting a little loopy and that’s when I started trying to figure out how I was going to get out of this “day” date.

As I finish my Mimosa he slipped his hand on my knee. I gently removed it. I paid for my Mimosa and excused myself to the bathroom. When I came back out he was waiting at the door for me. Then we were off down the street again walking many blocks. He mentioned he would like to go to someplace special and I told him that would be cool. He said it was called “Mary’s club”. What I didn’t know is he had been walking me toward that spot the whole time because it was just right around the corner. ? As we approached I could tell that I didn’t think it was a place that I would approve of going to. There was no windows that you could see through and it looked a little scary to me.. When I asked him what it was he revealed to me that it was a strip bar. Um…that would be a no.

At this point he was pretty much down and out for the count. He was stumbling around and I was trying to figure out how I was going to get back to my car. The Max train was very close to us and he mentioned that we could take that back to where we need to go to get to our starting point.
As we were walking to the max train he saw a group of young men that were talking and jumped in front of them and said, “Hey Mother*******!” I kept walking and they just looked at him like he was crazy. He was. At this point he was walking way ahead of me.

We reached the max train under the bridge that said Skidmore fountain. ? There were a lot of homeless there and some shady looking folks as well. ? As we were standing there waiting for the train to approach he said, “You stay here and jump on the train and I’ll run up to the next stop and meet you on the train.” ? He took off as soon as he said it in a sprint. I was left alone. Under the bridge. With shady people. ? The train came and I got on. I sat down. The train approached the next stop and I saw him through the doors all crazy and weird looking, like a giddy child out of breath that just escaped from his mother’s clutches at the mall. ?

On the train all I could think of was, I cannot wait to get back and what is he going to do next. He was loud and obnoxious and talking to everybody that he seen or was sitting by. ? They were trying to ignore him and I was trying to pretend like I wasn’t with him. I figured if I could ask him a little bit about himself in a calm and quiet manner he would engage. I noticed that he had a huge scar on his arm. It ran all the way down from his wrist to his elbow. I asked him how he got it and he told me that he punched a window in. I have to admit I was intrigued as to why so ask him more questions. He revealed to me that his “bitch baby mama” got mad at him and locked him out of the house and he really wanted to take his rice cooker with him but she wouldn’t let him have it. So he punch the window in and unlock the door to claim the rice cooker. The glass had cutting him and he had to go to the hospital. ? He was very upset about the whole situation because he already owed $6000 in back child support for god sake and couldn’t afford to replace his rice cooker along with the medical bills for punching out the window. He was pretty much down and out on his luck. ??

Just as he finished telling me a lady got up and was getting ready to exit the max train as it came to a stop. As the doors open he yelled out at her, “Nice A$$!”. You might be thinking that I was surprised or shocked. At this point he could’ve done anything and I probably would’ve just sat there stone cold. But of course I wasn’t sad for long that he told another woman that he liked her butt because of eventually he asked me if I would like to touch him on his private parts and if he could touch me too. (but he didn’t use the term private parts. He use the correct adult terms). ??☠️???.

As that conversation was finished we pulled in to the next stop and I got up and jumped off the train. He asked me if I wanted him to walk me to the car. (What a gentlemen) ? I said, “no it was fine, thanks anyway” and rushed off. ??

As I got in my car I immediately locked the door and drove away. My “day” date turned into a nightmare and I learned several valuable lessons along the way. ?? I store each and every instance in my memory bank and also now in written word. ?Follow my next date on my soon to be blog page. I’ll keep you updated when I get it up and running.

Stay tuned for my next date. ???

Date number 4. “Bubbles”

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  1. Totally acted normal when we talked on the app. I think the alcoholic part of him brought all these characteristics out in him later. Ugh. This was THE scariest date I’ve ever been on for sure. Thanks for following. ??

  2. My friend Lee Huntington pointed me to you after I told her my secret guilty pleasure is listening to Second Date Update.

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