Dating blog post forward: Day 1

After a total of 25 years of being married I would have to say I’ve had little experience with dating. ?

If you’ve been on the dating scene in the last few years you are well aware that everything has changed. ?

The last time that I was dating first base was kissing, second base was up the shirt and third base was you know where. ? At least that what I remember from the “olden days”. ?

As a single mom with 2 kids you wonder what your options are for dating nowadays. Well, I know you can wait and see what falls into your lap but I’ve done that before and it didn’t fair well as you can see since I’m single.

So one alternative is to join a dating app. Girlfriends told me that this was viable. So I set out to try. Very conservative by nature sexually and otherwise ? not sure what I’m getting involved in I set out to join a certain app where only girls are allowed to make the first move or start the conversation. ?? I figure this is right up my alley because I don’t want unknown men trying to talk to me. ? And I’m scared shitless!

What am I looking for? Basically a man that is financially stable, not living with his parents or any family members unless he is there to take care of them ?, intellectually responsible and emotionally available. ????. Also, can handle a strong business woman with an opinion and not feel intimidated but yet challenge her, support her and her journey.

Let’s see what I find. Follow me on my journey tomorrow for date number 1. Entitled “T & A”
Will he be “the guy?”

A small town girl meets UP town boys in….
“Sex in the Small City” ???

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