Dating Tips

A few thoughts on dating.

1. What is your opinion of the new Facebook dating? Like it? Weirded out you may have mutual friends? ??‍♀️

2. Ladies and Gentlemen, please stop showing your kids on dating apps. Quit blotting their face out for heavens sake. It’s not safe to show your kids to the world and especially in the dating app world.

3. Many men write and ask me about their competition. Here is my advice. Go into your settings and change it from woman to men and look at the bios. It will give you many ideas on what to say and what not to say. Also picture wise it will help.

4. Be 100% honest and you will find a more compatible partner. ?

5. Men, stop asking woman to go home with you on the first date. Every time you are putting yourself at risk for being accused of something you may have not done.

6. Men, most women are not interested in seeing your pot plants. Lead with something else. ??‍♀️

These are just some suggestions from your friendly conservative dating blogger.

If you want help let me know.


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