Encouragement for today

I had some amazing meetings today and thoughts coming to mind.

1. Don’t do anything against your core values, it wears your conscience down.

2. Set boundaries for yourselves. Remain firm.

3. I’m a strong woman and need a strong loving partner.

4. Don’t limit yourself. If you think something is out of your league it may not be.

5. Everyday is a new day. Messed up today….get it tomorrow.

6. Time is always better than money or goods.

7. Always be honest especially with yourself.

8. Happy Trans Awareness Day

9. If I ever hear my kids say “OK Boomer” it may be the first time they ever get smacked across the face. Always respect your elders.

10. “Once a cheater always a cheater is a lie.”

11. Tell your story

12. Loving deeply is always worth it.

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