Guidelines to follow for dating safely, online and otherwise.

Guidelines to follow for dating safely, online and otherwise.

1. Never give out your real number. (Use an app that conceals your number like KIK. Use a fake name and username on their. You may say, “but I can just block them!” No. Anyone can find information on you with a phone number. Trust me me, I used to be a professional skip tracer.

2. Never give out your real name online.

3. Never get in a car with a person you don’t know.

4. Do not go to a dates home.

5. Do not let a date come to your home.

6. If you are out at a restaurant watch your drink. Do not leave it at the table unattended. Do not let your date preorder your drink before you get there or get your drink alone at the bar. This is the number one way people get date raped or drugged.

7. Let a friend know where your date will happen.

8. A smart course of action if meeting at a bar is to let the bar/beer tender know that you are on a date with someone you have never met before and to just “keep an eye out” and that you would never leave with someone you just met once.

9. Don’t move to a second location on the first date.

10. If your going for a walk, walk in a public area. No hiking in a remote area.

11. If you pay for your date or your own meal don’t expose your IDs, Drivers License or credit cards.

12. Don’t let your date walk you to your car. Say your goodbyes at the venue.

13. Don’t over drink ?Know your limit.

14. Do not get in an Uber/Lyft with a date unless you know exactly where they are taking you. I personally don’t suggest doing this at all.

15. Do NOT show your kids pictures on dating apps.

16. Don’t tell people online your kids ages or gender. You have no idea who is really on the other end.

17. Don’t tell online users where you work. (Yes, I’ve had an old date show up at my office! ?)

18. Do a background check if you are interested in someone after dating them a few times. (Yes, I did for #picnicman after the 3rd date)

19. If your date says creepy weird things or acts odd. Trust your gut and leave. You do not need to give an explanation.


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