He spent his wad every night

Sex in The Little City

“He spent his wad every night”

Date # I’m losing track ?

He asked me where I wanted to meet.

I relied, “Starbucks perhaps”.

He said, “how about ilani the casino?”

I told him that I don’t gamble and it is quite far away for me. Then I suggested a coffee house again.

He said, “How about Alani?” ?

I thought to myself, OK Lisa, just go with it. ?

As I stood standing in the large entryway scanning for him my nose filled with smoke. I hate tobacco smoke. My mom died from emphysema when she was only 64 years old. It was a very hurtful time in my life because I was 6 months pregnant with my first child when she passed. She just couldn’t give it up. She used to put her hand on my stomach and tell me how much she wished that she would be around to see her granddaughter. ?

He finally appeared from around the corner. Walked up and introduced himself. The woman was startled about why a complete stranger would be approaching her as she waited for her husband to emerge from the bathroom. ? As I watched all the weirdness unfold in front of me I could only smirk with delight. The night was going great already. ?

The first thing he said was that he needed to get more money. He headed straight to the ATM. I followed as he walked largely ahead of me. He was there for a bit and turned to me and said, “Wow, I can’t believe it. For some reason I can’t get funds out of my card. I’ll need to use a different one.” He proceeded to put a different card in and get $60 out. He walked straight to the machines with me in tow. ??‍♀️ He quickly set down and put the money into the machine. He pushed the button once and I watched the wheels spin. I’ve never gambled before really except for one time so it was all very new to me. He pressed the button two more times and all his money was gone. ? During the night he went back to the ATM four more times.

We both went to go get a drink together and he wanted to eat. As we sat at the restaurant he told me his story about how his ex wife was much younger than him. They never meant to get together but as fate would have it happen. She was 35 and he was 55 when he got her pregnant. He had a daughter that was four and wasn’t sure what to do with himself after his wife left him for a man her age at her work. He was very impressed with the fact that he found a wife that was so young and proceeded to show me a picture of her in her wedding dress at their wedding. ??‍♀️ So I whipped my phone out and showed him a picture of #picnicman ? I think it might have shot him down a slight bit. ?

I had to use the restroom and when I came out I couldn’t find him. I thought maybe I got lucky and they had left but then I seen him at a nearby chair in front of a slot machine. I told him I was going to walk around for a bit. I absolutely love to people watch at places like this. As I walked around I got into a conversation with one of the dealers that was not busy. He was a young kid and was asking me about why I was there if I didn’t gamble. I told him that I was on a date and explained to him that I wrote a professional dating blog. He was intrigued so I gave him my card. It was the best conversation that I had of the night. He was the nicest guy. ?

As the night moved forward and came to a close my date asked me what I thought about the date. I told him that I had to be truthful and say that I thought he was a really nice guy but I didn’t really feel a spark and left it at that. I didn’t mention anything about the gambling habit. ? He looked at me very seriously and he said to me, “I cannot believe my wife left me and put me in this position. I am 60 years old and now back in the dating scene. It sucks. He look like he was about ready to cry. My heart was broken for him because I understand exactly how he felt. I was thrown back in the dating scene is well at 46 years old when my ex-husband of 11 years younger left me. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being traded in. ?

He just stared at me, turned around and walked the other way…..

As I drove home I wept. So much fellow feeling for this man. I really wanted him to find the woman of his dreams. Maybe she will be young and love to gamble…who knows….??‍♀️But one thing I do know is that it will not be me. ??

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