I’m not who you think I am….

What the preacher said….about my dating blog…

As we were standing in the church talking about the community and helping single moms buy homes….he blurted out, “Lisa, you’re like a smack in the face.”

I let that sink in for a bit. Talk about a smack in the face! ??‍♀️ At first I was offended slightly (I have thick skin though) but then I remembered what my Buddhist friend keeps telling me…”always come from a place of curiosity” so I asked him what he meant…

He’s said it was hard to explain and that I was just very open and outright with my ideas and thoughts. I wasn’t shy or nervous about approaching people or getting what I needed. I personally would say that’s correct and I’m ok with that.

We started talking about my dating blog. We seemed nervous to talk or ask about it and wasn’t sure what to expect. He knew about it and heard about it for sure. I asked him if he had ever read it and he said, “No.” Then said he wasn’t sure he wanted to.

The next thing I said surprised him. ”Do you know that it’s a conservative dating blog and that I have actually saved marriages and helped young girls be safe in the dating world?” He was curious.

I explained that I have 30 rules to dating and that most are just safety rules so no one gets hurt or the male accused of anything. Many young girls have wrote me or approached me and said that they love the rules and have used several of them.

Woman have wrote me and said they would rather work on things with their partner then let things end in divorce or separation. I’m proud they decided to go to therapy and ask their partner to go as well and work things out.

The preacher said, “Lisa, I had you pegged all wrong. What I thought about you was completely different.” At that point I had an epiphany. People that have never read my blog think it’s about sex or that I do things I don’t do. I was with only 2 guys in 26 years! ??‍♀️ I’ve only been in long term relationships. It all made me feel horrible. I don’t write a sex blog or a promiscuous blog. I am very conservative in this regard but very open and supportive of other people choices. I’d never judge anyone else in regards to this matter. I am openly liberal.

In my blog I don’t encourage one night stands or hookups like it or not. I encourage safety. This is MY blog and I’m sticking to it. If you would like to read a risqué blog let me know and I can direct you there, but it’s certainly not me. ?☺️??❤️


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