I’m over qualified…

I’m over qualified.

“We feel like we are too much and not enough all at once.”

The first date I ever went on with Joaquin #picnicman was 8 hrs long. (If you don’t know who this man is then go to Lisale.blog and catch up ?). He basically told me everything in his life and I told him my story too. We had a strong spark and connection.

The next day he broke up with me. Yup! He really did. His reason. I was out of his league. His league being girls with no eyebrows with tattoos on there neck and above their “eyebrows.” That’s all he knew. That was his life for so many years. Gang life. ?

He said he couldn’t afford to date me. His life didn’t fit into my life. He would always be the outsider and never accepted. His mom and sister had a private talk with him and said, “Why would this business woman that has her life together want to date or be seen with anyone like you?” ?

I had to convince him to give me a chance. In the end he did. He was one of the best things that ever happened to me. The kindest most loving man. A real gentleman. I learned so much I never knew before and he learned from me. I had a 4 year degree in law enforcement and he was always pulled over with the police officer automatically having their guns pulled on him because of the way he looked. ?

Was their issues? Yes, of course. We were a perfect match In many ways and he saw that too. Things didn’t work out but I still respect and care for him deeply and always will. My children adored him and wanted to call him dad. ?

In the last 6 months I have dated 2 men that said they were intimidated about my education, career and the amount of money I make. They both decided their life wouldn’t fit into mine. Then I wonder, Why do you judge me? I don’t judge you? I wasn’t intimidated by Joaquin’s tattoos (THUG LIFE all down his arms.) I didn’t care how much he made. He was an electrician and I was super proof him and love men that are skilled laborers. He didn’t go to college and I didn’t care. He was a great guy and that’s all I saw.

I have been a Millionaire and at one point in my life had to go to a church for free food. I have had a luxury car and have also had no gas to put in my piece of crap. I’ve had a maid and have cleaned and scrubbed other people toilets. I have lived a multi faceted life. Many people have.

Why do I have to defend my education or career for men that are insecure and intimidated? I think it’s interesting that people judge others so quickly before getting to know their heart. It’s sad. It doesn’t matter about education, how you grow up or what color of skin you have. Love supersedes it all.

I’m not over or under qualified. I’m just right for the right person. ❤️

Happy National Woman’s Day!

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