“Listen Linda, Listen… Part 2”

Sex in a Little City, Date #10

His bio only said, “Looking for a good woman”.

I thought to myself hot damn, That’s me! ???

But seriously only 35 years old. I’m not sure how well this is going to go. I was married to a 36-year-old before and we didn’t have much in common and he was very emotionally unintelligent. One thing that I know for sure I need in a relationship is emotional intelligence. It’s probably one of the top five things I’m looking for in a relationship.

After the first date I knew that I had it with this guy and that was an awesome feeling. We had a lot of chemistry as well and that’s why I knew that we needed to have a second date. He was just the sweetest guy. ❤️

We met at Out of Bounds again which was the place we had been doing karaoke with my friend Erika. You probably remember from the last episode that we had been kissing for a long time by the car. I was so happy that night and he said that he had a great time and wanted to see me again. We made had made a date for the next day right then and there.

I walked in and it was so nice seeing him again. I only had a few hours with him but we had nice long talks. As the bar closed we stood by the car and kissed for a long time again. ? He asked me to meet him the next day.

The next morning we talked to each other and I told him I would love to go to the soaking tub at the Kennedy school McMenamins. He’s very shy so I wasn’t sure that he would agree to it. But he did.???? Our plan was to go for dinner and then a soak. ? I was ready and waiting all day long. We had talked on the phone so much in between these three dates. I felt like I knew him for two weeks it seemed like. ?

I packed my bag and decided that I would go ahead and put my bathing suit on underneath my clothes to make changing easier. My undergarments I had put in the bag to take with me. I got in the car and drove to McMenamins and was excited to see him. He is so sweet, kind and loving and has such a cute baby face. His shyness is super cute and he grins so big that sometimes I can’t see his eyes. He has such a kind heart and has two teenage sons that he loves to pieces. Sometimes, when we talk on the phone he says he has to let me go for a while because his kids are coming and he wants to make sure to spend the most time with them that he can. ?

As I get out of the car he pulls up at the same time. I walk over and give him a big hug. He follows me to my car so that I can open the back hatch and grab my bag, but my bag isn’t there. ? I couldn’t believe it. ??‍♀️ Was I going to walk around after my soak with no bra and underwear on? Oh my god, what was I going to do! ? We both sat and laughed for a while and then I realized that there was a Walgreens a few blocks down the road. We got in one car and was on our way. As I made my way to the back to to the Walgreens to look for a pair of underwear and a bra he followed behind me. ?What a trooper!!!! I like this guy more already!

We checked out of the store and headed back to the hotel. We sat outside and it was so beautiful and peaceful in the garden area. ? We ordered a small personal pizza and shared it. He had a beer and I had my favorite cocktail. A Sazerac. ? Conversation was so easy with him. He’s calm. Chill. He puts me in a relaxed state. I could talk to him for hours.

We finished dinner and went to the soaking tub. There was a couple there that was super drunk and we had a great time watching them. She was on his shoulders and they were have an awesome carefree time. They had to have been in their 60’s. They kept us entertained for the whole time we were there. I thought to myself, I wish I could feel more like them sometimes. They didn’t care about who was looking at them or what anyone thought. ??

As we left the hotel we stood by the car and I talk to him about what a wonderful time I had and how I wished I could hold him all night long and how wonderful his kisses were. He said, if you want to I can get a room at the hotel here at McMenamins and we can hold each other all night long but not do anything. I kept thinking to myself about all my rules and rule number 30. I knew he was safe but didn’t want to put myself in that position. Did I trust myself enough? ??‍♀️

I said yes! ? He tried calling to book a room there but it was full. He said, “Is there any place else that you know of”. I said, “yes, I know one.” ? A friend of mine owns a nice hotel in my home town. It was starting to get late so I gave her a call and told her we’d be headed that way. She reads my blog of course so she about fell over dead when I mentioned that I needed a room. I told her it was just going to be a snuggling room. ? She laughed. ? We arrived at the hotel and I ran across the street and got a couple of beers, a bottle of champagne and wine. ? I’m not sure why I thought we needed all of that because we actually never drank any of it. I think I was just super nervous. As I went into the bathroom at the hotel I realized that I was not ready for any kind of snuggling. My legs had not been shaved for a few days, my armpits were not shaved for a few days, my hair was just getting over being wet on the ends from the soaking tub and smelled like partial sea salt and chlorine. Then I remembered I still had the weird funky, stretchy bra and underwear on that was like a workout bra and major grandma pants on. I know now for a fact that we’re not doing anything except snuggling! You could say it’s the best protection for safe sex. So embarrassing! ?

It was so nice to be held and kissed. And that’s all we did and I was so happy. It’s been a long time since he had done that too. The beds were nice and comfortable. It was so nice to be able to stay in a hotel that I knew a lot about but never had a chance to stay in. You see in my profession I always put people up at that hotel when they come into town. Everyday when I walk past the hotel I look at the beautiful flowers hanging from the windows of each room and I’ve always wondered what it would be like to stay there. Now I know.☺️

He had to get up the next morning early for work so he left first and I went back to sleep. As I woke up I realized that I had a conundrum. How was I going to get out of that hotel without people wondering why I was staying there! It was a full on business day and my office was right across the street and I know almost all the people in town. I right away called my friend and asked her if she was at the hotel. She said, “yes..” Thank God! I told her that I was about to do the walk of shame out of the hotel and I had beer and wine that we didn’t drink. ??‍♀️ I didn’t want to take it out the front door with me for God’s sake. ? She said that I could leave it there in the back room. ???? That way I could run to my car, get home and get ready for work. I asked her to meet me in the lobby and I passed all the stuff off to her. She just looked at me and said, “Lisa, do you need a hairbrush?” I combed my hair down with my hands and rushed out the door. No one saw me! I was safe…??

Many rules broken but most Importantly I had a great and safe time with my new friend that was just on the hunt for a good woman. ☺️

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