Mr. V05

Sex in the Little City

Date: Mr. V05

He didn’t have a picture to his profile. Not sure why I swiped right. I guess intrigue. But I did swipe right on that Dom guy and the other one that wanted to be my slave so maybe it’s just morose curiosity. ??‍♀️

All it showed was a bottle of beer and said that he lived in Beaverton. After some discussion through the app I came to find out that he worked for a big tech company. He would like to date but unfortunately a lot of the people are on the app from that company. He wanted to keep it on the down low. He has a very good job and flies around the country for his work.

I asked him to send me a few pics and he did through KIK which is super safe and secure to use. He was handsome and seemed very genuine. I already knew that he had a good job and his own place so that was a plus. ?

I drove 45 minutes to meet him. I didn’t mind it because I knew I was just gonna walk around in the area and look at all the shops. It was a good time for me to get out and be alone for a while. ?

We met at Starbucks. I got there before him. As he walked in he was shorter than I imagined and a little stockier. He waved, and went to go get a cup of coffee at the counter. As he sat down to greet me we gave each other a hug and I couldn’t help but look at his beautiful lush brown long curly hair. The curls were perfectly in sync with one another as they flow down his back and partially down the front of his chest. All I thought in that instance was, why can’t I have hair like that! He must V05 that head of hair everyday.

I knew I didn’t have an attraction to him but he was the nicest guy. He said that he had just got on some dating apps and had only one date so far. He mentioned he met a very nice woman that had told him several things about her previous relationship. She said that her boyfriend was mentally and emotionally abusive to her. ? My date had felt pretty bad for her.

He told me that they were not a match and unfortunately she had lied about her weight and was over 50lbs heavier than she said. When she contacted him back for a second date he declined. Not because she was heavier but because she lied. She told him that she was going to go back to her old boyfriend because he wanted her back and it was easier to go back to him then to be in the dating world anymore and didn’t like to be lonely.

My date looked really intently into my eyes and said, “Isn’t that sad? She would stay in an abusive relationship to not be lonely. That’s really pitiful to me.”

It hit me like a knife in the gut. This was a story I heard on a weekly basis. It was MY story. And yes, you could say it is pitiful. But it’s a basic human need to have a partner. I wrote a deep blog post one time about how loneliness can kick you in the ass. I know it did me. ?

He also told me that he traveled last week and was in another state staying at a hotel. He turned on his app and said he’d be in town for a few days hoping to meet someone. He didn’t know that was going to set off a slew of messages to him. One woman agreed to meet him. After several hours when it was close to the time to meet her he said he couldn’t go through with hooking up with her. She texted and texted and he didn’t give her the address. He said it was so tempting to be immediately gratified and to be wanted. He said, “Lisa, if she is like that with me then how many more men would she be with or have had been with already?” I said, “probably many.” He nodded.

As we parted ways we hugged. ☺️ I had a lot to think about on the drive. Why woman do what they do sometimes….why I choose not to…..Also that I know I will find that guy that is not just looking for a hookup, is mentality and emotionally stable all if I keep the eye on the prize which is ME and doing things that I love. I also was so impressed with Mr. V05 and that he didn’t just bonk that chick in the hotel room because he could. ?? There are some super good guys and fall out there folks.

When I got home we simultaneously wrote each other and agreed we were not a match. Then he laughed and he sent me a ❤️. Then I sent him one too. I thought he was a great guy and he was so nice. He will find his match soon.

(Not trying to “slut shame” in this post. I just feel it’s very unsafe for folks to meet this way. Personal opinion.)

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