#picnicman Part 2

Sex in the Little City


Part 2, A Love Story, The First Date

He was a lot better looking in person than his fishing picture. ? He had a nice black shirt on with jeans and black dress shoes. He was bald with a small goatee and mustache. There were deep lines in his face….it looked like he had some experience in life you could say. ? He was only 38. ?

We talked very comfortably with one another. He was mild spoken and had a very seemingly tender personality but on the outside looked the opposite. Was he putting on a façade perhaps? Time would tell and I know I would certainly figure it out sooner or later.

He said in his profile that he liked red wine. Him? Wine? Maybe a corona perhaps, but surly he wasn’t a wine guy! Dennis came to take our order. I ordered a red wine and he said, I’ll have the same”. Hum….. maybe just copying me to make me feel comfortable? Some guys do that you know…so awkward…

We had a really good conversation about his children and I told him that I had two kiddos. I never usually tell much…like age or gender for safely reasons….I can’t help but think about security and every angle of any situation. I have a degree in Criminal Justice you know. I’m always on high alert looking for inconsistencies and actions or stories. I can’t help it. It’s just how I’m wired. ?

I ordered a plate of charcuterie. He didn’t know what that was. I told him it was basically a meat and cheese platter. I asked him to help me eat part of it because there was no way I could eat all of it myself. As we finished I paid for my own meal and drinks like usual. He told me that he could get the bill but I told him it’s just one of my rules. He got his own.

We were enjoying ourselves so much that there was no way I wanted to really leave but we had stayed for so long already and hours had went by. I asked him if he would like to go to Mill City which was not too far away and talk some more. He agreed. We made our way down to the other venue. He didn’t try to hold my hand or put his arm around me. Which, I was grateful.

He ordered a Moscow Mule. I ordered a beer taster. Mill City is such a great place to have a handcrafted brew. We kept the conversation going. He told me about from the time he was young to the time that he was grown. He said that he didn’t want to leave anything out and needed to just me the truth because I wasn’t like any girl he’s ever met before. He wanted me to know everything so I could make a good decision whether I wanted to see him again or not. He was like nobody I had ever met before either.

He had a hard life of circumstance. He grew up in one of the worst areas of San Diego. “The hood”. As I watched his big hands grasp the handle of the small tin cup I could see a big scar that was wide running down from his wrist to his index finger. I asked him about it. I figured a hammer incident while working……but it wasn’t. He started from the beginning.

A guy in the neighborhood had been beating on his lady……(sometimes in the middle I’d have to stop him and have him explain certain words he was using….first of all he was slightly hard for me to understand and second he was just using words I was not accustomed to) he continued…he was not one to take kindly to any kind of women or child abuse. He heard that some things had been happening and he wasn’t ok with it. His female cousin that was sticking up for the abused friend had started to become the target of this abusive mans verbal attacks. One day #picnicman just happened to be there when she got a call from him. He was so angry that anyone would talk like this to a woman, let alone his own cousin. ?

He said that he was going to come over and teach the guy a lesson about not to mess with women or be disrespectful to them. This is how it’s done in “the hood”. He drove to the house and as he greeted the first aggressive guy at the door he punched him in the face, knocking him out. But what he didn’t know was that there was for other men in the home waiting for him. Four to be exact! The four others attacked him with baseball bats, a cinderblock, a ball peen hammer and a knife.

He showed me the wounds. Of course the one being the long scar on his hand where it was crushed by a swinging baseball bat. The doctors had put a metal plate in his hand to hold it together. You could feel it under his skin. He had been in the hospital for a few days and had been put under arrest and handcuffed to the bed for entering a home without permission, which is trespassing. He had been knocked unconscious during the fight but was able to get back up right away and make it to the car. His sister drove him to the hospital. He had 16 scars on the top of his head and a hematoma from the ball peen hammer and cinder block. He had the knife wound on his side between his ribs.

It was quite a story he told but all a distant memory. 10 years prior. Never had an incident since and had left SD. I told him I was from the farm and have never heard of these things except in movies. I then proceeded to ask him, “ did you learn your lesson?” He laughed really hard and said, “Yes! Yes, I did.” Then he said, “don’t go alone next time and take your homeboys instead!” ? I guess he had a point there.

I asked him if he had ever been in jail or prison then he said no. He said “if I had I would tell you. I’ll never lie to you.” He told me some more stories about his past. About how he went on to get his first tattoo at 18 …. his name on his back. His mom yelled at him all night. she was furious. The next ones came after that which was a large chest piece and a cross on his stomach. He was on a roll to look tough I guess. He was tough and that’s the truth but the fact is his heart was soft. I came to find that out later. ❤️He admitted to me that he came out for the night because he was mourning the loss of a friend that had died from gang violence on that day. He wanted to stay home really bad but he was pretty depressed and thought this was a good way to get him out of his funk.

As the night ended he walked me to my car I put my arm in his arm because I was wearing heels. We got to my door and he opened it for me and waited until I got in. He never tried to kiss me, hold my hand or even put his arm around me. He was the perfect gentleman. We said that we wanted to see each other again and we did…..

to be continued. ☺️

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