#Picnicman Part 3

Sex in the Little City


Part 3: A Love Story, My First Picnic

Lacamas Lake and Trail is so beautiful in the summer. Miles of trails surrounding beautiful lakes and trees. He decided that was perfect for our next date. He loves nature and so do I. The big muscles tatto guy is a romantic. Who knew?!?

As we walked the trail it was bitter sweet because the year before I walked it with my husband as a family. I took pictures with my phone and posted pictures of us. The day ended in a fight about how he never took pictures of me, me with our kids or even us as husband and wife. It was like Groundhog Day over and over. Same senecio. Me feeling unloved and unwanted. I was barely holding US together.

As we talked, laughed and told stories the trails became something different for me. I was noticing the beauty. The flowers, the leaves, the boats on the lake and the rippling of the waters ends. I was present with myself. We walked to the end of the trail. I had never been. Only part way. It was metaphoric but I wouldn’t know that until later. I love seeing every bit of it and being with somebody that was so easy to talk to.

At one point a bike was hurdling toward me on the trail. He grabbed me and pulled me to the side. I was thankful because I could’ve easily went one step to the left and been clipped and hurt very badly. I was so thankful that he watched out for me. After that he made me walk on the inside.

When we got to the end of the trail he asked me to go on a picnic with him the next day. I said, “yes.” I have never had a man take me on a picnic before. ☺️

He wrote me in the app…..(you’re correct…I still refused to give him my phone number ?). We were to meet at a park and we did. He said he wanted to find the perfect green space. We walked all around the park. He said it wasn’t “green” enough. ? We went to another park. Nope! So, we went to another. Finally this was OK. It had been an hour. I was tired following him around and starting to sweat in my cute sun dress. ?

He picked a spot that was green by the lake. People were kaiaking and fishing all around us. It was the perfect setting. He knew just what to bring…out of the bag he pulled a handful of goodies. He laid it all out on the table. Meat, cheese, crackers, blueberries, raspberries, grapes and lastly a bottle of Chocolate wine (his favorite) with two REAL wine glasses. He popped the cork and poured the wine. The wine glasses had a picture of a woman’s skull on one and a mans skull on the other from the celebration of Dia de Los Muertos. It said “King and Queen”. As I looked at everything on the table my heart was so full. He was trying to reinvent our first meal at Birch Steet Lounge. The charcuterie platter. The wine. The feeling.?

I felt so special and pretty in my cute summer dress. He looked over at me and said, “you look absolutely stunning in that dress.” It had been a long while since I’ve heard a compliment like that.

We spent hours talking and finally after trying to fight the ants off of our food we packed up and headed back. He dropped me off at my car. No kiss, no touch. No nothing. I was a happy girl. I think I might have found a true gentleman. ❤️

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