#Picnicman Part 4

Sex in the Little City


Part 4, A Love Story~Why the name Picnicman

After several dates and conversations we both decided that our lives and looks were so far apart that it might be a shock to some people. He was full up tattooed, wife beater and looked slightly tattered in the looks department. (I loved it though.) ? I was very businesslike and a pant suit woman. ?

I know this sounds weird but we decided to hire a professional branding and image consultant. I had just formed an upscale boutique real estate office and was in the middle of a divorce. We both agreed that with all my connections, clients and my triggered ex that he would have to lead with his personality first and looks second. My branding coach mentioned to lead with how loving he was first on social media and then work my way up to show his face. It was a great plan and he agreed. He knew his looks scared some people. Some people would walk across the street to avoid him. But I knew he was a teddy bear. ☺️

Lani Grass with Backstage LLC was a huge asset to us. She knew exactly what to do and how to help us as an image consultant. She explained how to post on social media and how to incorporate each other. He was like no one I’ve ever dated and I him. All I knew is that we would do almost anything to have each other in our lives. She took us both shopping for new clothes. He looked pretty hot in almost anything. He wore a large but I paired him down to a tight medium. Skinny jeans? Sure! We both agreed they looked great on him. ?? A few button up shirt, pants and he was done! He looked so cute.

For me? Lani looked in my closet and was mortified! ? I was Hillary Clinton’s clothing twin. Matching pant suits all the way and old fashion black shoes to match. ? She grabbed all my clothes and threw them over the back of the couch. #Picnicman got a good laugh. It was my turn! She took all the pants and jackets and said, “You can never wear these with each other again. If you want to wear the pants with a white or colored shirt and some really cute heels that’s fine. If you want to wear the jacket with the sleeves rolled up with some really cute skinny jeans and heels that’s totally fine. NEVER TOGETHER AGAIN!”

After all was said and done I was in the 21st century and my cute, sweet boyfriend didn’t look like a thug anymore. Our plan was clear. Lead with my new look and his personality first and foremost. He loved his new duds and I loved mine too. Lani really worked her magic on us. ? I posted my first post about the wonderful picnic he took me on and showed the picture of the food spread. Everyone was so happy I finally had an endearing man in my life. I hash tagged #picnicman with the post. That’s how it all began. The journey with the love of my life. ?

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  1. So what happened? I see that your subsequent post that you went on a date with another man.

  2. We split up for a time. I asked him to get some things in order with his life and he couldn’t do it at the time. We are back together now.

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