Rules for dating ??

After 25 years married and being back in the dating scene I realized it’s a different world out there. So before I started dating and my blog I came up with a rating system based on my values and also several rules. (I’ll share my rating system in a later post.)

While having a blog about dating many people have asked me and private messaged me about my rules for dating. Keep in mind these are MY rules for the first date (some for all) and I’m not imposing them on anyone else or care how anyone else dates. All these rules are based on my values, past relationships bad dating experiences and my dear children. If you would like to implement some or would like to take away some go ahead. So here they are……❤️

1. No kissing ?
2. No one comes to my home ?
3. I don’t go to anyone’s home
4. I stay in one location
5. I always tell my friend where I’ll be or take a picture of their ID and send it to my friend.
6. I always tell the waitress or bartender that I’m on a date and to watch after me
7. If they ask to meet my kids it’s over, no second date. ?
8. If they ask too many questions about my kids there is no second date.
9. 2 drink maximum ?
10. I always pay for my own food and drinks
11. No sex
12. Always meet in public places
13. No car rides ?
14. No after 9pm dates
15. No dates on days I have my kids (won’t have child care) for some folks this is impossible because their is no partner in the picture.
16. If they get too touchy or sexual no second date.
17. If they ask inappropriate questions, no second date
18. Choosy on who I give my number to.
19. Never tell them where I work
20. Never tell them where I live
21. If anybody ever gets this far then I will have a full background check done. (I did one on picnic man before I even introduced him to my children or even our third date and interviewed his sister who is a therapist) ?
22. Never tell them my real name
23. They have to have a job
24. Have to have a car unless there’s a really good reason like they live right in the middle of Portland I love to ride bikes for sport
25. No back child support ??‍♀️
26. Not married or separated
27. Not gay, bi, Polly, or anything else other than heterosexual. Even though I have very dear friends that are all of these I am straight I would like to have a straight partner ?
28. No extreme debt ? unless it’s the usual that most people have like car and house and a card
29. No blogging about any friends who have asked me out or past relationships.

So far this is my list and I’m sure there’s some things I can add to it. I know it may sound crazy but I’ll wait as long as I have to to find a loving caring man with manners and has stability. ❤️ That’s what I bring to the table and so should he! ??

I’ll never settle again for

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  1. Thank you. Seems like any man who might be interested in a date with you should read this and follow your dating blog to learn proper behavior when out with you.?

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