“The Frenchman”

Sex in the Little City

“The Frenchman”

Date #8


That was his first text. How cute!

On his profile he said that his second language was French. ?? Pictures looked good. ?

I’m getting better at this every time I go out on a date. I now know to cut to the chase during the interview process. ? I ask all the regular questions.. Are you looking for a long term committed relationship? Are you REALLY single? Do you have children and if so how old are they?

He passed the first round of tests questions. ?? I always try to meet these guys as soon as possible. That forever texting is just not my thing and a lot of them don’t want to either. We agreed to meet halfway which was at Cascade Station by the airport. We met that day. It was a day date. ❤️

I arrived before him and got some hot tea. He arrived about 15 minutes late. I thought maybe he was going to stand me up. Found out it was just a return problem at the store that held him up. He walked in and he look just like his pictures. He was very thin and about 5’9”. He look like a walking Nike advertisement. Every single thing he had on was Nike. Shoes, hat, the windbreaker jacket and windbreaker pants. During the date he took off his windbreaker jacket and had a Nike shirt on underneath. At this point I was wondering does Nike make underwear and what might they look like? I think I might’ve just answered my own question. ??

He ordered a coffee and came over to greet me. As he sat down and started talking to me I soon realized that I could not understand almost anything he said because of his thick accent. I kept leaning awkwardly over the table trying to get closer to him to really make out every single word. He asked me if I was OK or uncomfortable, which at that time I realized that I was leaning over squinting my eyes and making a certain face trying to hear him. His accent was thick but it didn’t sound like a French accent. ?

I started asking him questions about where he was from and he said that he grew up in the Middle East. His mother was French but his father was Middle Eastern. They had divorced. He dated a woman in college here in the United States and she was from the Middle East as well and they had one child who recently graduated from college. He was the same age as me. He told me that his first language was Arabic, his second language French and third language English. I asked him if he was religious and he said yes and he that he was Muslim. Nothing shocking or scary yet. All I know is that he’s very cute and a nice gentleman and now I just need to find out more details about what my life and future may look like with him. ??

I told him about my past and the pertinent information surrounding the events in my life. He didn’t seem to bat an eye. I told him that I had two children and that they were young. Never flinched. He said that he loves children. He wasn’t phased. ??

So far so good.

He asked me if I would like to leave because we had already been there for about two hours talking. He asked me if I would like to walk around the area. I was relieved. My butt was numb from sitting so long in the seat. Plus I was cold from the air conditioning and was starting to get very antsy. We walked and talked up and down the street. He was very respectful and did not try to touch me nor did he say anything inappropriate. I would have to say that he was quite the gentleman. ☺️

He went on to talk and tell me about how he used to work at Nike and now he works for a private engineering firm and that he is a software engineer. So he has a job. ?????? Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding! So far so good this was getting better by the minute. ?? That also explains all the clothing. He got a major discount and some for free. He told me all about how he travels the world and that he was just in the Mediterranean on vacation to visit his family. He said that he traveled all over the world for his work and that he worked mostly from home. ?

Most woman at this point start dreaming about having an awesome future with this perfect man. Jetting around and nice beaches. Quality time with my man. Good future for your children. My mind almost took me there but I need to find out more about how his religion may affect my life and the girls. This is nothing to take lightly and could cause fights or division within a relationship no matter the religion. Lots of questions. Also some red flags like masquerading as French. I tuck all those little tidbits in the back of my head…?

Mainly what I would want to know is would he want me to be his Arab Muslim Princess? ???

He asked if I would like to go out on a second date. I said, of course! ??‍♀️

Stay tuned for more….?

(Warning, any negative comments regarding anyone’s religion, culture or heritage will not be tolerated and will be deleted). ??‍♀️

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  1. Glad it went well. I sincerely hope the second date goes well. I was dreading hearing that something went wrong. I want you to find success.

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