Sex in The Little City

“I’m not thirsty for a woman.”

As the words rolled off his tongue I knew what he meant but had to process it. First of all it’s a new vocabulary for me and second I was wondering why he said that to me. ??‍♀️

We had went out 3 times. He was the sweetest guy and such and gentlemen. I asked him to meet me at an event that I thought would be fun. He wanted me to meet at his house and watch tv. Since I had a few partners in my life that just wanted to sit on the couch and not do shit for fun I decided to give that boring life up a long time ago. ?

I refused to come over and he didn’t want to come to the event so we got in a little disagreement. We exchanged some words and he said, “I’m not thirsty for a woman.” I said, “Nor am I thirsty for a man.” I’m was asking to basically go on a real date. I respect how he felt and he respected me. We just weren’t a match. Now we’re friends.

I’m good with that. I’m waiting for the love of my life. I want a man who doesn’t want to do life without me and, I him. The man that I feel an instant spark with and that wants to go on adventures with me. The man that wants to sleep in my bed every night. ❤️

I see a lot of men and woman out there that are “thirsty.” It’s a dangerous place to be. It makes us do things we would never do and feel the deepest loneliness we have ever felt. We make horrible decisions that affect our children and everyone around us.

I was happy to meet such a balanced man. One that wasn’t triggered or desperate for a relationship. It made me do a lot of soul searching and really firmed up on my values as a single woman. I will never be thirsty or desperate for love. I will never accept less than I’m worth. ?

I pray you don’t either. ??

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