Well! This is what I have decided!

Well! This is what I have decided! If I’m a middle aged woman with two small kids going back into the dating scene you’re all going on this ride with me. The stories, the crazies and the tales are too good not to share. Get prepared to laugh your ass off, grimace, shake your head or just kiss that lucky ass man or woman next to you and be thankful you have them…

2 thoughts on “Well! This is what I have decided!

  1. Dear Lisa,
    We met yesterday at the Open House ~ your evocative & (a bit)beguiling persona intrigued me to the point that my friend (realtor from TX) & I have been discussing our visit all day today… I hope the Open was a success and you sell that place soon ~ everything about it is awesome. I haven’t ruled it out, but by the time I come to some determination what I really want, and that I’m REALLY ready, I’m sure it will be gone.

    I took my friend on into downtown CamTown afterward and she was enthralled ~ so much quaint charm.
    Anyway; I just wanted you to know the Open was very well done ~ you are a Rock Star. (I think Camas knows it)

    All the best,

  2. Awe. Thank you! I’m not sure why I’m just seeing this. I appreciate your kind words. Hope to see you again soon and thank you for following my funny little blog. ??

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